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Client Testimonials


There are no words that could ever explain what Dr. Brian has done for our family...before we found him - other doctors had given up on our Sashie...he saved her and gave us 5 more wonderful years with her...yesterday was our last day with her...having to make the HARDEST decision we've ever made...and having him there till the very end with us meant the world to my husband and I...his personal touch through the years to everything we've been through with Sashie was like no other doctor..." Thank you" just doesn't seem enough.....Dr. Brian- you truely are an amazing doctor...we are proud to know you...and will forever recommend you to EVERYONE. You gave us hope when there was none...and made a miracle happen...and for that, from the bottom of our hearts....we thank you.

Michele S.



When my poodle developed a recurring ear infection my regular vet started him on his usual medication. Within days his condition worsened. Over the course of 2 months I watched my dog's health deteriorate. He stopped eating, the inside of his ears would peel like sunburn, his hair was falling out in clumps and masses had developed on the base of his ears. After consulting with 3 different veterinarians plus Cornell Animal Hospital in New York ? no one could figure out what was wrong with my dog. As he got sicker, I found Dr. Palmeiro. On our 1st visit Dr. Palmeiro diagnosed my dog with an immune mediated skin condition. He completely changed the course of treatment and within days my dog was finally on the road to recovery. Thank you Dr. Palmeiro ~ you saved my dog's life and for that I will be forever grateful!

Julie L.



This past summer we had tremendous fears that our cat Mulligan would not see a new year.  And here we are today, enjoying the company of a very happy cat.  At this moment he is healthy and enjoying his life to the fullest.   It doesn't get any better than than and I thank you so very much. I thank you for your medical expertise and also for your tender and loving care of our Mulligan.

Marie C.